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County of Hawaii

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Hilo, HI


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Duties Summary

Interviews suspects, witnesses, and other persons using a polygraph machine and standard polygraph techniques to diagnose truthfulness or deception; and performs other duties as required. One (1) immediate permanent full-time vacancy with the Hawai’i Police Department – Criminal Investigations Division in Hilo. Special Working Conditions: Irregular hours, holidays, weekends, and overtime as needed. The eligible list may be used for other permanent and temporary vacancies as they arise during the life of the list. Temporary appointment may lead to conversion to permanent appointment.

Examples of Duties

Analyzes the circumstances and details of the case under consideration to determine appropriate questions and to properly evaluate subject’s responses.
Interrogates suspects, witnesses, and other persons using criminal interrogation and polygraph examining techniques.
Appraises subject’s personality to determine the most applicable technique to be used in conducting the interrogation.
Prepares subject for polygraph examination by attaching the various sensor terminals to the appropriate part of the subject’s body.
Interrogates subject on questions of both a relevant and irrelevant nature to properly interpret and evaluate the subject’s physiological responses to both control questions pertaining to the case under investigation.
Determines the subject’s deception or non-deception on specific questions or matters by comparing physiological responses to those questions with responses to control questions.
May visit the scene of a crime or other locations in order to facilitate effective interrogation.
Collaborates with investigating officers assigned to the case.
Provides instruction to others in the use and application of the polygraph machine.
Makes minor repairs and adjustments to the polygraph machine.
May testify in court as an expert witness on matters related to polygraph examinations and on specific cases.
Maintains records and prepares reports describing the results and conclusions of polygraph examinations.
Keeps abreast of and advises superiors of technical developments in the field of polygraph examining.

Minimum Qualification Requirements

Training and Experience:
A combination of education and experience substantially equivalent to:

graduation from high school, and
two (2) years of investigative work experience, supplemented by
one (1) year of polygraph examining work experience which must have included the administration of specific polygraph examinations on a five channel instrument (a five channel instrument includes 2 pneumographs, 1 GSR/GSC = galvanic skin response/galvanic skin conductance, 1 cardiograph, and 1 motion sensor), and
a certificate of satisfactory completion of a program of study in polygraph techniques at a polygraph school accredited by the American Polygraph Association (scan and attach your polygraph certificate), and
possession of a valid State of Hawai’i driver’s license (Class 3) or any other valid comparable driver’s license at time of filing. (You will be required to submit your valid driver’s license at time of hire).
Examination: All applicants who meet the minimum qualification requirements will be assigned a score of 70 points. An education and experience evaluation will be conducted based on the applicant’s training, education and experience as presented in the application.

Please read the minimum qualification requirements carefully.
Be certain to list all pertinent training and experience, as this may be important in determining your examination score.
It is essential that the applicant describe fully the duties and responsibilities of each position held, specify the date of each position held (from and to, month and year), and indicate the number of hours worked per week.

Attach all required documentation (e.g. official transcript, professional license(s)/certification(s), DD-214, etc.) at the time of submitting your application.

Note: In-person interviews and/or further testing in Hawai’i County may be required at the discretion of the hiring department/agency. If in-person interviews and/or further testing are required, applicants who are referred to the hiring department/agency must be available to participate in person and at their own expense at that phase of the selection process.
Knowledge of: characteristics and uses of polygraph equipment; purposes and methods of criminal interrogation; psychology and physiology as related to criminal interrogation and the use of a polygraph; rules of evidence in the State of Hawai’i; court procedures with regard to testimony on polygraph examination.
Ability to: interrogate persons effectively; maintain good relationships with employees, supervisors, and persons being examined, often under difficult circumstances; analyze polygraph examination results; maintain records and make reports; deal effectively with others.
Physical Requirements: Persons seeking appointment to positions in this class must meet the health and physical condition standards deemed necessary and proper to perform the essential functions of the position with or without reasonable accommodations.
Physical Effort Grouping: Light

Supplemental Information

Please scan and attach these supporting documents to your on-line application, if required:

an official college transcript,
a valid driver’s license,
a temporary assignment verification,
professional licenses, and/or

Veterans applying for veteran’s preference points shall also scan and attach their DD-214 form and as needed, their VA claim letter to the on-line application.


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You will receive a confirmation email upon successfully submitting your application. Failure to receive this confirmation email, indicates that your application was not submitted.

Employee benefits are generally for full-time permanent employment and include the following from the date of hire:

sick leave and vacation earnings
paid holidays
social security
credit union membership
life, dental, medical, vision, and prescription
drug insurance plans

employee-employer paid retirement plan
flexible spending plan
tax-sheltered savings and investment program
mortgage loans through the State Employees’
Retirement System

career opportunity and mobility in a merit system for
civil service positions

Persons who are hired may be required to pay union dues/service fees.

Benefits for part-time employment is based on hours worked and type of appointment.

Benefits are subject to change due to legislative, collective bargaining negotiation, and other changes.