Introduction to Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov is an intense first-person online shooting and survival game. It is in the beta stage of development, and many features may be available only temporarily. The objective of the game is to play either as a member of the Private Military Company or a Scavenger rival who fights to survive in the war-torn fictional city of Norvinsk in Russia. You will spawn in one of the maps as you like with some set of gears to help you combat against your opponents and loot their things. You should get out of the field by a process called extraction before the time goes out or you die. You can find many EFT cheats online to help you succeed in this tedious game. There are three modes of playing EFT. In this article, let us discuss these modes in brief.

PMC mode

PMC stands for Private Military Company. In this mode, every player will play as the military personnel hired by the PMC. It may be either USEC or BEAR. You will start the game with some items in your selected map. Your gear will be modifiable, and you can set up your weapon. There will be opponents and allies to play with you. You can collect any items during the gameplay. However, to have them with you for your next levels, you should go to an extraction zone and get out of the zone. There will be PMC exclusive extraction zones where PMC players alone can extract, and there will be zones where both PMCs and Scavs can extract. If you die or time goes out, you will lose all your earnings and loots. You can rebuy the loot items that you did not extract when you get out using insurance. You will get some experience points for each raid.

Scavs mode

In this mode, you will play as the character of Player Scavs for the Scav faction. You will get some random gears during the spawn, and they will be of low quality. Playing as Scav will not give you any progress in the game, but you can get some loot items you earn. You need to extract all the items to have them for the next raids. Most of the Scav characters will spawn in the middle of a raid, like ten minutes to go. There will be opponent players Scavs and AI Scavs to engage with you. You can attack these Scavs, and the AI Scavs will start attacking you only when you disturb any other AI Scav or Player Scav.

Offline mode

The main gameplay will be similar to that of a PMC raid. There will not be any opponents or artificial agents to engage with you. Offline mode gaming is used for testing the character traits, weapon efficiency, location intensity, and stuffs like these. The mode allows you to disconnect from any raid without any penalties. Once the raid is over, you will lose the earnings.