Technological advances pop up every day in all aspects of business, including the transportation and delivery industry. If you are working with a transportation management system, you already know how much easier technology has made every aspect of the business. An efficient system can help you focus on the task at hand while feeling confident it is running as it should.

What Exactly is a Transportation Management System?

A transport management system is a type of technology designed to make work easier in the transportation department. It was created to efficiently plan and rate freight movements, select appropriate routes, manage the shipping, and manage financial aspects.

The system facilitates interaction between warehouses, distribution centers, and the ordering system. It is the focal point where all the moving parts pull together, ensuring order and efficiency.

What Are the Advantages of Transportation Management Software?

  • Improves Efficiency and Productivity of the Warehouse

One of the most important parts of the transportation cycle is a well-organized warehouse. Leveraging technology to the maximum is one way to ensure order and organization. Transportation management systems allow more time for more important tasks and ensure accuracy in their organization.

  • Improves Efficiency of the Supply Chain

Tracking drivers and inventory takes time, manpower, and energy. If not well planned, it might reduce efficiency, decrease morale, and cause inconveniences. Suppose you have full visibility of inventory and proper logistics and routing optimization. In that case, you will be able to track and record the whole transportation process in one application. Having this power at your fingertips increases the efficiency of the supply chain.

  • Increases Customer Service

If you are hoping to grow your business, you will want to ensure you have top-notch customer service. If your customers are happy, they will continue to work with you and provide positive reviews for potential customers. A company is only as strong as the customers say it is. Monitoring on-time performances, locating and tracking shipments, and keeping customers in the know about their shipments are some ways transportation systems help improve customer service.

  • Tracks Shipments

Speaking of tracking and locating shipments, this is one of the most important tasks in the transportation business. Both customers and distributors need to be able to track shipments. A transportation management system allows you to view where your drivers are and track the shipment in real-time. This benefit is huge for everyone in the distribution loop. If you notice issues within the routing, you can work to find more efficient routes and improve delivery times.

  • Manages Costs and Payments

Another perk of the transportation management system is that you can easily manage all your payments and costs in one place. You save more by reducing freight expenses through optimization and analytics. You can simply read the reports, analyze the data, and make decisions regarding freight costs and anything else related to costs.


These are just a few advantages of a transportation management system. With technology ever-changing, it’s good to know what these systems offer and how they can benefit your company.