Sola flowers are beautifully elegant, simple flowers designed to help people who like cut flowers get stunning arrangements without having to contribute to the cut flower industry. There are so many ways you can design a bouquet of Luv Sola flowers, but these wooden flowers aren’t just pretty white splashes of wood made with little thought. Luv Sola flowers are made with precision and care. Can you color them, though? Are they handmade at all or made in a factory? What exactly is a Luv Sola flower even made of? Let’s take a look at exactly what a Luv Sola flower is and why you should buy them.

What Are They Made of?

Sola flowers are made with the shola plant, which is a member of the Aeschynomene species. It has a cork-like white structure that is commonly used for different arts and sculptures. This is the plant that we make all of our flowers from, and each of them originally comes out white. Every flower is carefully carved from this plant which makes them all white right out of the gate. From there, we can do so much more from there once the flower is carved and prepared.

Can You Dye Them?

After a flower is carved, you can easily dye them in whatever way you see fit. There are plenty of different colors and combinations that you can add, including but not limited to yellows and browns. With the wide variety of colors available paired with the wide variety of types of flowers that are made, you can easily craft the exact bouquet that you want with little to no frustration. There are so many different and wonderful color combinations you can make with these flowers, helping you get the floral arrangement that you want easily.

Are They Handmade?

Each Luv Sola wood flowers are handmade and handcrafted, carving them out of the cork of the Shola plant into the right design. With plenty of different flower designs, we at Luv Sola craft a variety of different flowers, helping you build the exact flowers you need for the bouquet or arrangement you’re looking for. Along with being handmade, they’re also eco-friendly and biodegradable, which makes Luv Sola flowers incredibly appealing as they last longer than regular flowers while also not contributing to the destruction of regional wildflowers. Handmade and handcrafted flowers that last longer are far more appealing than fresh-cut flowers that will inevitably wilt and die.

Luv Sola are handmade, eco-friendly, biodegradable flowers that can be carved and dyed to make a bouquet that will be incredibly memorable. Add in additional greenery and filler pieces to bring everything together to make a bouquet or arrangement that is special for your special person. Keeping an eco-friendly floral arrangement is far easier than trying to keep a bouquet and will make a memory last for years to come, especially when paired with faux or dried greenery if you’re looking for an excellent way to get an ethically focused and beautiful bouquet to feel free to head over to our website today!